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Caten (CCG) is a provider of consulting solutions to Highly Regulated Industries, including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Chemical, IT, Power, Water, and Transportation. Our mission is to apply strategic and technical risk-based leadership approach in all matters and business operations to comply with industry best practices, and standards, U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, EU, ISO and other applicable regulatory agencies gained through extensive first-hand experience engaging regulatory agencies.

Regulatory Compliance leads to a variety of benefits, including strategic product launch in global market, corporate oversight and guidance for compliance activities, improved efficiencies and effectiveness, increased employee awareness of regulatory compliance requirements and issues, and reduced legal, reputational, or financial risks.

Caten Consulting Group LLC has proven ability to strategically plan, lead and manage human capital, financial and information resources to ensure organizational goals are met



We have over 25 years experience providing strategic and technical leadership in all quality related matters and business operations to comply with standards and specifications included but are not limited to cGMP, GCP, GLP, ISO 13485, 14971, 9000, 21CFR 820, GAMP 5, 21CFR 11, 56, 210, 211,

ANSI/AAMI/ISO 17665, and EN 285.

Regardless of your industry or mission, project management is the value driver that helps your organization get the most out of its performance. we provide certified project management services

We provide the following stellar services, delivering results with high quality:

Quality Management and Compliance Consulting Services

Project Management Services

Construction Management


Utilities and Infrastructure Project Execution 

Commissioning & Qualification

Clinical Research/Trial 

Computer Systems Validation

Risk-Based Remediation

ERP Implementation

Automation & Controls Implementation


We service the following industry sectors

Information Technology

Software Development

Medical Device


Life Sciences

Food & Beverage


Power, Mining, Water, Transportation 

Let's talk

Our Offices are located in California, Massachusetts, Texas, and London, UK. Find out today how our consultants can help you run your company more efficiently, improve uptime, yield and productivity. Give us a call at +1-844-905-3304 or contact us from contact page.

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